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Text Box: Thanks again for visiting the Hopedale Sportsmanís Club website. If you have general questions about the club, events, please contact the club President, Vice-President or Secretary. 
If you need to contact an officer of the club for any reason then please feel free to contact them directly via email or by phone.

Club Position - Exp. Name Phone(s) Email
President - 2020 Kevin Hart 740-937-2575 -or- 740-491-7128 Click to Email Kevin
Vice President - 2020 Jared Akins 330-428-3024 Click to Email Jared
Treasurer - 2020 Tom White 740-942-2704 Click to Email Tom
Secretary - 2020 Rick Thomas 740-512-5911 Click to Email Rick
Webmaster Carl Ondraka 440-653-0030 Click to Email Carl
Trustee - 2019 Rusty Sowers 740-942-4237 Click to Email Rusty
Trustee - 2020 Bernie Sobleski 740-543-4196 Click to Email Bernie
Trustee - 2021 Ronnie Hawkins 740-937-9805  Click to Email Ronnie
Trustee - 2020 Scott Burchfield 740-944-1817 Click to Email Scott
Trustee - 2021 Kelly Santille 740-937-2383 -or- 740-582-1378 Click to Email Kelly